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Where are you headquartered?

Our Headquarters are in Toronto but we have presence from coast to coast!

Can we process our fundraising events through you or is it just for registration fees?

You can use SportsPay to process any fees related to your  organization. Whether it’s fundraising tickets, merchandise, clinics, or gate fees…. we’ve got you covered!


Do you support physical terminals?

SportsPay supports both wired and wireless terminal rentals. If you are an existing customer, it’s as simple as digitally signing a form.
And not to mention that all SportsPay customers have access to our online remote terminal at no additional charge.

Are you registered with any of the Card Brands?

Absolutely! We are fully certified and registered to give sports organizations the ability to process credit card payments. You can view our registration status on each respective Card Brand’s website under their list of Service Providers.

Are you integrated with my registration system?

Please contact us to find out. If we aren’t, we certainly can!

Are there any third parties involved?

We do it all! From reviewing applications to processing transactions to depositing funds, SportsPay does it all. One point of contact for all things payment related.